Saturday, December 15, 2012

Python for Data Analysis - get,parse,use,plot your data in 10 minutes

'Python for Data Analysis' gave the readers a broad view of what can be done to analyse datasets using python language and ecosystem, such as R. Well organised and written chapter, was personally interested in learning visualization and large dataset handling. Python is THE language for THAT. And the book gives clear code description, graphs example result and source of the dataset. The book cover the plotting and visualization in deep details and suggest nice library such as javascript 'd3' library ( as well as the famous 'numpy' for numerical operations and 'matplolib' for plotting data, the best plotting and charting library by far - the only library i could compare in another language is JFreeChart for java but still below in term of graphic quality and features. I have personally use d3js to plot exoplanets data in a parallel coordinates: exoplanets viz. To sum up, a great book to have, recommended for people that want to use the data, parse it, plot it and share it in 10 minutes! Link to the book shop here: Python for Data Analysis Note: This book review is in exchange of the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program (

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