Thursday, April 3, 2014

Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE

Disclaimer: The book was given as part of the blogger review scheme from O'Reilly.

I have read the book today and frankly was disappointed. Main chapters talking about json, javascript and html, how to use apache and back and forth.
Was hoping to see fireworks and i read bubble gums. It's ok but is for beginners, nothing fancy nor complex. Using php for serving the pages and node.js as back-end.
Example are shown trough the stock market, live update from values and symbols. 

Nicest part, the notes for improvements. 
Didn't learn a lot, just basics. Probably the interest chapter are the last 2, authentication and fall back ways from SSE to normal polling with ajax. Nothing that I've didn't heard of.

I won't recommend it.

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